Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Center is to bring together highly qualified researchers to generate high impact research and original results with a focus on science and technology needed for efficient nanodiagnostic tools.

The Center aims to become a “Center of Attraction” through its high impact research output that would get the attention of high quality researchers from around the world.

Generating opportunities and creating a scientifically nourishing environment is another mission of the Center that would both benefit the careers of its members and faculty, which would certainly have the highest positive consequence for Sabancı University in terms of becoming an attractive world class research institution.

The Center has a unique purpose of generating novel approaches and scientific knowledge on a very important and yet in-demand study area of new generation diagnostic tools in medicine.

Developments in medicine and diagnostic tools currently rely on advancements and research in seemingly unrelated fields such as materials, fluid flow and molecular biology. The motivation behind forming EFSUN is to become a leading research center hosting high quality researchers in all these fields at any time of the year.

Efforts focus on expanding the spectrum of the topics to new fields in order to flourish new ideas and methods, which is an important vision we as founding members all share. In this regard, EFSUN aims to become an integral, long-term and prestigious formation under the roof of Sabancı University, raising awareness in the field of nanodiagnostics in medicine in Turkey.

The Center is also expected to spur interest both in the private sector and government organizations in healthcare, enabling future collaborations of Sabancı University with these organizations. Several other emanating opportunities between Sabancı University and medical schools of well-known universities are also expected.