The Functional Surfaces and Interfaces for Nano diagnostics Workshop and Best Paper Award

The Functional Surfaces and Interfaces for Nano diagnostics Workshop and Best Paper Award

The Functional Surfaces and Interfaces for Nano diagnostics  Workshop by  Sabancı University Center of Excellence for Functional Surfaces and Interfaces (EFSUN) was held at Sabanci University Cinema Hall on the 19th June.  

The workshop was specifically designed for graduate students, post-docs, researchers, and  experts from a broad range of industries, who are interested in Functional Surfaces and Interfaces and their applications. Prof. Zehra Sayers, Former President of Sabancı University and Prof. Fazilet Vardar, Director of Sabancı University Nanotechnology and Applications Center (SUNUM) dellivered the opening speeches.  The invited speakers, Prof. Hikmet Akkız and Prof. Emre Erdem gave inspirational talks. In addition, there were eight high quality interdisciplinary finalist presentations in the framework of ‘Best Paper Award Competition’ to recognize scientific papers of outstanding young scientists on Functional Surfaces and Interfaces from different disciplines.    

The participants were glad to have interesting and high quality articles and presentations in the event. They could clearly claim that the technical content was well above the proceedings and presentations in an international conference. 
The winners of the Best Paper Competition was determined by an interdisciplinary evaluation commitee consisting of  jury members from different universities/institutions, who are well known and active scientists in the field:

1-Dr. Meltem Sezen, SUNUM

2-Dr. Funda Yağcı Acar, Koç University

3-Dr. Filiz Kuralay, Hacettepe University

4-Dr. Koray Balcıoğlu, TÜBİTAK MAM


The jury members carefully evaluated each article and presentation. Below are the winners of the Best Paper Award:

Winner-Yiğit Akkuş (Atomic Scale Interfacial Transport at an Extended Evaporating Meniscus)

1.Runner Up-Abdolali Khalili Sadaghiani (Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics of Inclined pHEMA-Coated Surfaces)

2.Runner Up-Müge Yücel (Hand-Held Volatilome Analyzer Based on Elastically Deformable Nanofibers)

People's Choice Award-Omid Mohammad Moradi (Strong Composition Dependence of Resistive Switching in Ba1-xSrxTiO3 Thin Films on Semiconducting Substrates and its Thermodynamic Analysis)


The organizaing committee congratulates all the finalist scientists and thanks all the participants.  It was great to see that everybody had plenty of opportunity to have awareness of the recent developments and to interact individually with the experts in the field and participants throughout the workshop.